Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set


  • August 2015 (US/Canada)
  • February 2016 (Australia)
  • 2016 (UK)
  • June 2016 (Japan)

Item Number:


Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set is a set. It features a tower with a mine shaft spiral in the middle to take an engine up to the top, where it can be released through Ulfstead Castle down one of two routes. One of those routes being a large blue spiral track, and the other a green I-beam track which makes the engines flip upside-down. There is storage at the top and base of the set for engines. It also includes an exclusive Mining Percy.


  • Mining Percy features Percy with dirt, scratches, and bats all over him.
  • The prototype version features a transparent I-beam while the produced set is green.
  • Illustrations of Thomas and Stephen appear on the mine shaft.
  • Taller engines such as Toby, Scruff, Victor, Luke, Bash, and Dash, sometimes do not go through the exit point at the top of the spiral.
  • Up to seven engines can work on the set at a time.
  • Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set can be connected to Motorized Raceway by adjusting the I-beams so that they connect into the bases of each set.


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